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Jun 20, 2017 ... Meet Violette, Estée Lauder's New Global Beauty Director. Estee Lauder ... Read more on the Estée Stories blog: ...

When Life Gives You Lemons

Meet Violette, our new Global Beauty Director! We are so captivated to bring her amazing architecture artistry talents to Estée Lauder, where she’ll show you how to make your beauty life easier, more colorful, and abounding with va-va-voom! Read more on the Estée Stories blog:

Discover ideas about Este Lauder Double Wear. Amy Antoinette - Lifestyle Blog: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation & Concealer. Este Lauder Double ...

The Ultimate Girlbosses

Kosann also has two beautiful daughters, Laura and Danielle, who calm run The New Potato, a food, fashion and lifestyle blog. (They’ve clearly inherited their mother’s creative eye and storytelling abilities.) Estée Stories had the pleasure of catching up with all three Kosann women to talk food, beauty and holiday family memories. Here is the conversation that followed.

Talking food, beauty and holiday memories with jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann and her daughters.

Which Estée Lauder Foundation Should You Use?

P hotography and jewelry design don’t seem like vocations that would go hand-in-hand, but through her passions for each, Monica Rich Kosann has made a stunning connection between the two. “I have always been influenced and inspired by the photographers of the early 1900s,” she explained over tea with her daughters one afternoon in New York City. “They were the first photographers who weren’t aloof documenting, they were photographing to make beautiful pictures. All of a sudden people were attractive at photography as art. And at the same time, the accessories of the women in these pictures were very around-the-clock and personal. The powder compacts, cigarette cases, lockets. They were all pieces of art, and they were personal and special.”

Your source for beauty, inspiration and conversation: Secrets. Stories. Interviews. Insights. See Estée Lauder in a whole new light.

Meet Violette, Estée Lauder's New Global Beauty Director

Monica: This is an expression that I always used to say to them—“you have to kiss a lot of frogs till you get your prince.” I made this frog sitting on a pillow, with a little crown, and it’s a lip gloss. I wanted it to be fun for women.

Erinn's Beauty Blog: Review: Estee Lauder Foundation Este Lauder Double Wear, ... Estee Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Coverage Foundation as concealer.

A Multi-Tasking Smoothie

‘Doctor Big Mouth’ has accused the beauty giant of deceiving Chinese consumers over the ability of its Crème de la Mer to heal burn scars, abacus global brands still treat the Chinese as ‘gullible sheep cat-and-mouse to be killed’

Feb 20, 2019 ... Beauty blogger Hao Yu pointed out that La Mer's official Chinese website ...... All the major brands from Estee Lauder, Dior and Clinique to ...

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With a portrait photography business already in full swing and a side hobby antiquing all about the world, Kosann would allowance her clients their pictures in vintage lockets and compacts she found from her travels. She loved the pieces so much that she decided to actualize her own. “I’m a storyteller, bottom line,” Kosann says. “I always loved charm bracelets and pendants, everything that tells a woman’s story.” This holiday season, she’s bringing that story to Estée Lauder with a 17-piece limited edition accumulating of charms, lockets and compacts, each one housing a architecture or fragrance treat.

BY Dermstore Editors · April 3, 2019. Estee Lauder Foundations 1. Estée Lauder foundations have enjoyed cult-favorite status all around the world for ...

Chinese beauty blogger Hao Yu sues Estée Lauder for false advertising over La Mer product claims

Monica: I had more fun doing the Estée Lauder collection than I can even begin to tell you. I had so much fun with the storytelling with these compacts that women covet. You’ve got collectors who adore this stuff, so I wanted to stay true to my brand. Everything has a meaning, everything tells a story. I wanted women to buy these pieces and be able, just like with my jewelry, to tell their stories. [To her daughters] I gave you guys a frog.

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